Is LBV port wine better than ruby port wine?

Answer LBV (late bottled vintage) port is generally considered to be superior to ruby port. Port is labelled vintage only when it comes from a particularly good year. Late-bottled vintage port has been ag... Read More »

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Is port wine kosher?

For a port wine to be kosher, it must have been made solely by sabbath-observant Jews. It also must not contain any non-kosher ingredients. It is possible to buy kosher port that has been produced ... Read More »

How to Cover Port Wine Stains on the Leg?

A port-wine stain is caused by caused by malformed, swollen blood vessels and looks like a red wine stain on the skin. The birthmark, commonly located on your face, can also be located on your limb... Read More »

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What boat native to Portugal transported port wine?

Until the end of the 18th century, "Rabelo" boats were used to transport port wine up the Douro river from vineyards in central Portugal to the coastal shipping town of Oporto.References:Virtual To... Read More »