Is Kyocera Copier model KM-1635 compatible with windows 7?

Answer You have to have 32 or 64 bit if you get this right it should install...

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Are Kyocera cell phones AT&T compatible?

Kyocera mainly makes cell phones for CDMA networks--like Verizon Wireless and Sprint--which are incompatible with AT&T and its GSM network. Kyocera does make some GSM phones for the Latin American... Read More »

How to Identify the Model Number of a Kyocera Phone?

Many Kyocera phones look similar. Minute details may exist to separate one model from another. If you can't tell a Kyocera model by looking at it, you can find the exact model number. The Kyocera m... Read More »

Is Windows Mobile Device Center 6 compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, Windows Mobile Device Center 6 is compatible with Windows Vista. You can obtain Windows Mobile Device Center 6 for both 32-and 64-bit Vista on the Microsoft website, under "Downloads".Referenc... Read More »

Is Windows Defender compatible with Windows 2000 Professional?

The Windows Defender program is not compatible with versions of Windows 2000 Professional. Windows Defender is only compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP Servic... Read More »