Is Kiplinger's a better finance magazine than Forbes?

Answer On One Hand: Kiplinger's Is Good For Beginners"Kiplinger's" presents financial information in easy-to-understand terms and offers advice on an array of financial topics other than investment and gi... Read More »

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Is a scrolling stock ticker better in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Google FinanceGoogle Finance allows you to search for a company using a portion of the company name and will display the results as you type. You can also search by ... Read More »

Is the New Yorker magazine a conservative magazine?

The New Yorker magazine is not considered to be a conservative or right-wing publication. To the contrary, The New Yorker is known for its predominately left-wing, liberal point of view.Source:TheN... Read More »

Forbes 28 Tips on Public Speaking?

Public speaking is challenging. The speaker must prepare the content and control his nervousness. Yet, public speaking is essential in business and in everyday life. Cosmopolitan magazine editor-in... Read More »

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