Is Kenya famous for diamonds& gold?

Answer Kenyan gold and diamonds were made famous by the billion dollar Goldenberg affair when outlaws claimed to export materials, specifically diamonds and gold, that were never produced. According to BB... Read More »

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How to Clean Diamonds and Gold?

Diamonds and gold will accumulate dirt, grime and body oils over time through normal wear and you will eventually need to clean your jewelry. In routine cases, specialty jewelry cleaners may not be... Read More »

The Effects of Mining for Gold & Diamonds?

Gold and diamonds are associated with wealth. They are primarily used for decorative purposes, though diamonds are also used in various industrial applications due to their structural integrity and... Read More »

How to Clean Gold and Diamonds at Home?

If you're dashing out the door and you notice your gold and diamond jewelry are dull and dirty, you won't have time to visit the jeweler for a quick polish. No need to panic -- you can clean your p... Read More »

Is ammonia safe on diamonds&gold?

Diamond and gold jewelry can be cleaned with an ammonia and water mixture. Typically, it should be mixed in the following ratio: one part ammonia to six parts water. Always use a soft toothbrush to... Read More »