Is Kazaa Lite really legal?

Answer Kazaa Lite is a knockoff of Kazaa that has been attacked as a copyright infringement by Kazaa's creators; it may be considered illegal to use Kazaa Lite since it is an unwarranted copy and using an... Read More »

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What Is Kazaa Lite?

Kazaa Lite is an altered version of Kazaa Media Desktop, an online file-sharing program. Kazaa Lite was not authorized by the creators of Kazaa Media Desktop, but became popular anyway as Kazaa Med... Read More »

Is Kazaa Lite illegal?

Sharman Networks, the owner of Kazaa, considers Kazaa Lite to be a copyright violation and thus illegal. The company won a lawsuit in 2003 to have Kazaa Lite download sites closed. A newer version ... Read More »

How Do I Delete KaZaA Lite?

Click "Start," and select "Control Panel." Click on the option to "Uninstall a Program" or "Add/Remove Program," depending on which version of Windows you have installed on your computer.Find KaZaA... Read More »

Is kazaa gold legal?

Kazaa Gold is a legal program that was not used legally by many users. After a $100 million settlement, Kazaa Gold changed their program so that users have to pay a subscription to download music. ... Read More »