Who is winning the Blu Ray vs HD DVD "war"?

Answer Seems like someone is a sore loser, and now posting a lot of misinformation.Blu-ray is not "propagated" by Sony and in fact both Pioneer and Panasonic have more patents in Blu-ray technology than S... Read More »

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Is HD DVD winning the battle against Blu-Ray?

So far who is winning: You or Vista?

Me. I hated it at first, but a couple weeks playing around with it and it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Still not as good as XP though. Good thing I kept XP on my second comp.

I keep winning plasma T.V.s?

Me too!!!...and laptops and mobile phones... and even the odd car... Guess I'll wait till I win my big mansion to store them all in eh...lolxx

I A C has "j " got any chance of winning?

nah he doesnt hes only left in because hes semi-fitand less boring then ceryshe doesnt have a chance! biggins will probably winbut id rather janice to winbiggins has annoyed me with his bitchingg