Is Justin bieber the father of Mariah Yeater's baby?

Answer no justin bieber is not the father of her baby there are bad people and she is a stupid lyer!

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Does Justin Bieber was a baby?

Justin Bieber was as cute as a baby as he is now so maybe I guess it true what they say some looks just dont change

How much did Justin bieber weigh when he was a baby?

He weighed 1543.9 pounds being a very fat baby. He worked his fat off with popular singer Usher.

Record - 'Baby' - Justin Bieber - 1 million dislikes?

Lol it's true. I just checked up. 519,376 likes, 1,011,060 dislikes And I checked wiki also, it IS his birthay today.. The little guy sure must have a rough time now

Star this if you don't like justin bieber! Do you like justin bieber?

Did you know that Daniel Radcliff thought Bieber was a girl when he first heard his songs? lol