Is Jello a side dish or a desert?

Answer It depends on how you serve it.If you fill it with fruit and/or vegetables, it's a side dish.If you top it with Cool-Whip, it's a dessert.I think they're both right...Sorry that I can't resolve the... Read More »

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Should I use the jello jugglers recipient for a jello mold or regular recipe Urgent -waters boiling?

Yes, you should use the Jello Jigglers Recipe (if that is what you were trying to ask) to make jigglers. You use less water for jigglers than regular Jello molds. If you are making a jello mold, ... Read More »

How many gallons of jello would it take to fill a 90x90x20 pool with about 6 inches of jello?

Assuming you mean 90 x 90 x 20 inches, then the volume of Jello is 90 x 90 x 6 inches deep = 48600 cu in = 28.1 cu ft. At 7.48 gallons per cu ft, that is 210 gallons of jello.

The desert light is so bright what is the best way to photograph the desert with a digital camera for the layperson?

Answer Whenever taking a photo try to put the sun directly behind you so that it is lighting up the target. Also your camera may have a setting that will change the exposure time for the picture, l... Read More »

I need side dish ideas !!!!!!?

I always make my crab salad for cookouts or get togethers. These ingrediants will work to feed 5-6 people. 1 box of colored spiral noodles 1 package of imitation crabmeat 1 can of baby shrimp(fresh... Read More »