Who is the boy that played Zach in tonight's Christmas movie on ABC family movie the dog who saved Christmas vacation?

Answer Michael William Arnold played Zach in the ABC Family movie "The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation". He is credited on imdb as such.

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How to Dress Yourself for Christmas when You Have Nothing to Spend at All?

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I don't like my face, I feel like there is nothing unique about me ?

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Can eat chocolate and sugar like it's nothing?

Yes it is addictive. There is sugar found in alot of junk food and fast food. They put it in there because they know that you can build up an addiction to it. So that you keep coming back for more.

There's nothing like a cup of tea when....(fill in the blank)?

When you've just finished cleaning the whole house!!And a rich tea biscuit with chocolate on top to go with!!