Which Asian country is better in your opinon today economy wise China or japan please saty china it makes anime better then japan?

Answer Anime, by definition, comes from Japan.

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What country has Japan issued the most patents to?

Based on economics, patent processing concerns and the presence of international groups and lobbying offices, Japan has issued the most patents to the United States. Japan also has significant busi... Read More »

Which country has more trains Japan or US (not miles of track, strictly trains) Please provide sources.?

The total number of operable locomotives in the United States is staggering and I am not about to try and figure out how to determine exactly how many there are.BNSF: According to BNSF's 2007 Annua... Read More »

How does texting to Japan differ from texting to people in your own country?

The texting address on almost all Japanese mobiles are actually an e-mail address. If you ask your friend for their address, you can text them from a PC e-mail to their phones.

Yahoo japan app from outside japan Non google play market ?

Hello, well I am experiencing the same issue and haven't been able to solve it. Yahoo japan does not care about countrymen living outside home. I doubt you will get help . I lost my hope so I chec... Read More »