Is It Weird That I Hate Brownies?

Answer No,,It's not even healthy for a long haul,,maybe your health instinct dictates you to hate brownies.

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Is it weird that I hate sushi?

No - everyone has foods they like or dislike.People please - sushi has nothing to do with raw fish. Sushi is is vinegared rice. The other things that you might find in it, such as fish (cooked or... Read More »

Is it weird that I hate foods that most people love?

Dont worry,lol i also hate bacon and coffee,everyone has their own choice.i mean some people love that food and some might not.hope this helps.

You like purple but you hate barney does that make you weird?

I hate devices that have good battery life and I really hate it when things just work. Is Bluetooth for me?

nope. I hate bluetooth. I hate the drivers that drive and talk. Just cause its hands free doesn't mean that you are paying attention. BLUETOOTH is not a good thing. Its a status symbol and a way to... Read More »