Is It Weird If I Can Dislocate My Wrist?

Answer F*ck yea it is! None the less, that's pretty cool. Though to be honest with you I wouldn't suggest doing it often, e.g. as something to keep you from being overly bored; the bone can eventually dam... Read More »

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My Wrist Feels Weird?

If you had it on for a while then your wrist probably just got used to it being there and when you took it off, your wrist must have felt it was missing something. As far as I'm aware, it is a comm... Read More »

Did I dislocate my jaw?

If you dislocated it, you'd know. You might just have TMJ (lockjaw).

Did i dislocate my knee?

It doesn't sound like a dislocation but it does sound like you may have some cartilage problems or something else going on. There are many possible causes for a clicking knee, some of which are po... Read More »

How can you dislocate your shoulder?

1) there are 2 main ways to dislocate you're shoulder. Most commonly a sports injury or an epileptic seizure2) it is pretty much impossible to dislocate you're shoulder on purpose unless it has pre... Read More »