Is It True That Cow's Milk Is Full Of Blood & Puss?

Answer Honestly, do not believe most anything that comes from PETA. They definitely believe that the "ends justifies the means," so they will say anything to accomplish their goals.Check out the truth abo... Read More »

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Is Milk really cows blood?

i am studying vet medicicne and i studied milk formation process in my collegei think that the nutritionist dont mean thatas milk is formed from fatiacids which produced from fermentation of feed t... Read More »

When man first figured out that he could drink cows milk?

haha good point. I normally think how things must've come about but never thought of this one - have a star.x

Where can you watch full episodes of True Blood?

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Is it true that blood thinning herbs can increase blood pressure and cause eye vessel bursts?

I don't think it's like that, okei. Pressure build-up is due to a blockage in the vein and that's what causes it to burst. Keeping blood thin is good and that's why taking an aspirin each day is... Read More »