Is It Possible To Shorten Your Period Or Make It Lighter.?

Answer Yes, by using Birth Control

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How to Make Your Period Lighter?

You don't want to go through this every time.Periods can be a pain in the - well, you get it. Heavy periods (also known as menorrhagia) can be a sign of your luck in the genetic draw, a result of w... Read More »

Is there any way I can make my period lighter?

Birth control pills typically make your flow lighter. Talk to your GYNO about your options.

How to Shorten You Period?

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Is there any way to have lighter period right now naturally?

NATURALLY:I did this for a hole month and I had a very very light period with almost no swelling and almost no cramps.1.- Take 2 full spoons of falxseed first thing in the mornning after your break... Read More »