Is Indian food better than Chinese?

Answer That depends on ur taste, in Indian food more spicy & oilyfood r harmless & in chinese (msg) is harmless. Now u r the one what u choose.

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POLL: Indian Food OR Chinese Food?

I have chinese blood but are you kidding me Indian food is the best in my opinion. Chinese food is usually so oily and have that salty aftertaste and whats up with pork and shrimp as their main ing... Read More »

Indian or Chinese food and why?

The big problem here is that you are talking about the 2 biggest countries in the world which, together, account for more than 1/3 of the world's population. Here in the west we only see a small pr... Read More »

Chinese or Indian food?

Indian.The spice culture alone is a whole other world!

Indian food or Chinese - which is better?