What continent includes China, Japan& India?

Answer China, Japan and India are all considered part of the continent of Asia. Asia is the largest and most populous continent, covering about 30 percent of the earth's surface. Asia stretches from the M... Read More »

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What continent includes China, Japan and India?

China, Japan and India are all located on the continent of Asia. Asia is bounded by the South China Sea and Indian Ocean to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Middle East and European Ru... Read More »

You bought your new 3G iPhone in the USA and you are going to India in September will the phone work in India and will the wi fi work in India?

What do you think? Yea! If it doesn't that is a big waste of money! Anyway iPhones are bad phones! I had one and i would never get any calls! iPhones are the worst phones ever!

I am in india ,Can you guide me that I should take VOIP service provider from india or USA (5 and 15 dollar)?

all I can tell you, if you choose an US VoIP provider, then you will need an US address. The address must match the credit card number! ( you could use family or friends) many ppl from India do it ... Read More »

When did Bombay, India become Mumbai, India?

Bombay, India was officially renamed Mumbai in 1995 by the right-wing Hindu nationalist party Shiv Sena when they won elections in the state of Maharashtra, which contains Mumbai. The city was rena... Read More »