Is Ice T Young Berg's father?

Answer nooo .

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HHe said his father was an alcoholic Howow could Dr Phil afford fllying lessons as a young man when he was dirt poor He never mentioned his father was a psychologist?

Oprah will not fund a space mission because she is too busy building schools in Africa that wont even be used and will probably get shot up by Gang Banging Commies. But if you want someone to fund ... Read More »

How can an unmarried mother obtain authorization to take her young son overseas if she and the child's father have never been married or established custody and the father will not sign the forms?

Answer If the father is named on the birth certificate then the mother will have to file a writ of habeas corpus to request sole custody of the child.The father will be notified of the action and ... Read More »

How do young mothers play the role of mother and father?

Answer You can't. You must play the role of PARENT. Traditional roles of the female and the male parents don't apply these days, so one must be everything!! I have found that the best way to do t... Read More »

What should you do if you're 19 and pregnant and both you and the father want the baby but you have no jobs yet and your family thinks you are too young and can't do it?

At age 19, you are nearly an adult and can certainly make your own choices. The odds of you and the father continuing with a lifelong committed relationship aren't very good at that age, but of cou... Read More »