Dennys or IHOP and why and don't say another restaurant, just pick from these 2.?

Answer neither

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Is eating at a restaurant like IHOP by yourself considered weird?

People do that alllll the time. The only person who is going to think it is weird is the person doing it if they are self-conscious. If I am going to be alone somewhere, I tend to get my food to go... Read More »

What is the best US chain restaurant and why?

My husband & I rarely go out to eat, but anytime we are in "the city", we go to Outback. We usually only have appetizers & drinks....two-for-one margaritas & blooming onion. For fast food, we alw... Read More »

Best Italian restaurant chain out of the following...?

I have to agree with Bucca di Beppo! It's the best Italian I've had in the U.S. would have to say Carrabba's is next. I have never been to Macacrooni grill and... Read More »

What is your favorite chain restaurant?

def olive garden!just thinking about their salad and bread sticks gives me goose bumps!