Is Hugh grant the voice of iPhone 4 advert?

Answer Do you mean the ad where they show iTunes and they choose The Doors album by The Doors to download? (cool). The voice is either Hugh Grant or a Hugh Grant impersonator.

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Is it Hugh grants voice in the new iPhone 4 advert?

If the video files are .mov, .avi or .mp4, simply drag and drop the files into your iTunes library, then connect your iPhone and click on it in iTunes, go to the video tab and select sync all video... Read More »

Is Hugh grant iPhone 4 voice?

Who is the voice on the iphone 4 UK advert?

No. its limited but they change the prices a lot. it was 188 a week ago and a friend told me its 197 now! hope i helped out! :)

Who does the voice-over on fairy dishwasher liquid advert on UK television?

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