Did Hugh Jackman host who wants to be a millionaire?

Answer Carol Kane

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What game did Ellen play with Hugh Jackman?

On scrubs is it just the character dr cox that hates Hugh jackman or does john c mcginley the actor actually hate him?

No it's just part of John C McGinleys character, it was bill Lawrence's idea to write in the hatred for Hugh jackman. Basically its because Hugh Jackman has so much going for him with regards to hi... Read More »

Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris married life?

Probably not often, even with Viagra, a man nearly 90 doesnt get up too often. He probably more cuddles her and stuff.

What is the distance between standish&jackman, maine?

By highway, the distance between Standish and Jackman, Maine is about 175 miles. The trip, which takes you north through Augusta and Skowhagen, takes around three and one-half hours by car.Source:M... Read More »