Is Hp a good computer or is Dell.?

Answer I would definitely prefer an HP. Dell nickel and dimes you into an overpriced product. HP also has 24/7 award-winning support.

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Are Dell computer's any good?

Mass manufactured computers are rarely as good as custom built ones--certain parts that aren't necessary in their marketing scheme can be of the lowest quality--but a computer is a computer; custom... Read More »

Is dell really the best computer manufactuer i am thinking of buying a dell, what would people think of me!?

Dell computers are amazing, but their a little on the expensive side. If you are going to buy a Dell, make sure you put high-speed internet on it and not dial up, it slows the computer down. But, i... Read More »

I have a Dell computer can I install extra memory myself or do I need to get Dell to do this.?

you can if you know how but you might forfeit the warranty.

Where can i pick up good quality brand new laptops at decent pricesIm considering Dell.Any views on Dell?

notebookreview.comi just recently got a dell inspiron e1505 or also known as 6400its working pretty darn goodi got it for 885 not listing the specs cuz it will take too longi ordered it online, and... Read More »