Is Hooters a good place to eat, or is it just for guys to look at women in short shorts?

Answer yes hooters is a good place to eat, my husband and i go there. and of course men like hooters waitress because of there hooters and short shorts,but... that don't bother me because i know my husban... Read More »

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Do Russian guys have a thing for short black women?

LOL!I've been hit on by White men and others; most were British or Italian. Dont know about Russians, but I know at least 2 Ukrainian men who like short Black women. One was my father; the other is... Read More »

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What is hooters what is so special about the place?

Restaurant with attractive women and good chicken wings (depending on your location). All the waitresses wear push up bras. No big deal. People either like em, or dislike em. Usually a lot of d-bag... Read More »