Is Hollis a male or female name?

Answer Hollis can either be a male or female's name, but it is a name found more common in males. Hollis is used as a girl's name six percent of the time, versus the 93 percent of the time that males are ... Read More »

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Is San a male or female name?

The female name San is a variation of the English name Sanny, which means the sandpiper bird. San is also a Chinese name for both a male or a female. In China, San means "three," and the name is of... Read More »

Is Louis a male or female name?

Louis is a male name popular amongst French nobility; there have been 18 French kings named Louis. The name originates from old German "Ludwig," meaning "warrior." Feminine versions of the name inc... Read More »

Is Drucill a male or female name?

While Dru is usually a title reserved for males, Drucilla (or Drusilla) is usually associated with females. According to the Nickelodeon Parents Connect website, "Drucill" (or "Drusill") most often... Read More »

Is Gale a male or female name?

The name Gale is used for both genders, but it is more commonly given to girls, according to the website The name might derive from the Middle English word gaile, which means jo... Read More »