Is Heat Required to Vaporize Water?

Answer Heat is energy in transit. Processes that release heat are exothermic, while processes that absorb heat energy are endothermic. Vaporization of water is an example of an endothermic process that ab... Read More »

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Should you give water to a heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

The USAFA Cadet Honor Guard adheres strictly to 36-2203. Color Guard procedures for Academy parades are traditional, but differ only slightly from the standard Air Force Drill and Ceremonies manual... Read More »

Are drip pans required for heat pumps?

In colder climates, most heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers do not provide a drip pan under the outdoor coil of a heat pump. If condensed moisture were to collect in a ... Read More »

Is my Hot water heater on its last leg , it pops and burps and farts alot when it kicks on to heat the water .?

sounds to me that there is air in your lines.

What should the Delta T temperature difference be between the water inlet and the water outlet on a swimming pool heat pump?