Is Harry Potter immortal?

Answer is this immortality attributable to him brushing twice a day?

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How to Do Tai Chi Harry Potter?

Here are people practicing Tai Chi, but not Harry Potter Tai Chi!Tai Chi is a relaxing martial art, spiritually and physically. Harry Potter is an exhilarating edge-of your seat book. When combined... Read More »

Is Harry Potter sexy?

Harry Potter is a fictional character! So, no, he's not sexy, he's not real!

Who loves Harry Potter?

I used to always make fun of people that were really into Harry Potter. Ome weekend I was really bored and I was at my parents house. They had a copy of the first book in the series, so I figured... Read More »

How to Be Like Harry Potter?

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter book series? Is Harry Potter your idol? Then read the following article.