What is the origin of Polly Pocket?

Answer Chris Wiggs invented Polly Pocket for his daughter Kate in 1983. He used an empty powder compact to create a minuscule house for the new, pocket-sized doll. Polly Pocket debuted in toy stores in 19... Read More »

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How to Make a Polly Pocket Dollhouse?

So your polly pocket doll is struggling to live in other doll houses for other dolls? Well, here is how to make a 5 shoebox polly pocket doll house. This dollhouse is going to have a bedroom, a liv... Read More »

What year was Polly Pocket invented?

Polly Pocket was invented in 1983 by Chris Wiggs, who wanted a toy for his daughter, Kate, that would fit into her pocket. Polly Pocket was first sold in stores in 1989.Source:Table & Home: Polly ... Read More »