Is HP 1020 plus printer supported on ubuntu.?

Answer Hewlett Packard Printers are very well supported on GNU/Linux thanks to the HP Linux Imaging and Printing project (HPLIP). The HPLIP project includes binary printer drivers (HPIJS drivers) and tool... Read More »

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How to use HP 1020 usb printer from 3 computers?

G'day,You cannot use ordinary USB hub to share your USB printer.2 ways to approach this:1. Purchase a print sharing device that will enable print sharing from USB connectors (but not ordinary USB h... Read More »

Printer laserjet 1020 problem?

Hello Joe,Looks like you have some ghosting there. Try printing a few sheets off which are completely black. This should remove any residual toner after the cartridge was re-inserted. Also if your ... Read More »

How to change Teflon paper in HP LaserJet 1020 printer?…

How to Add a PDF Printer in Ubuntu?

Converting documents into PDF provides consistency and uniformity. PDF files are easy to read, review and disseminate. While there is software out there that converts files into PDF documents, addi... Read More »