Is HP 1020 plus printer supported on ubuntu.?

Answer Hewlett Packard Printers are very well supported on GNU/Linux thanks to the HP Linux Imaging and Printing project (HPLIP). The HPLIP project includes binary printer drivers (HPIJS drivers) and tool... Read More »

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Printer laserjet 1020 problem?

Hello Joe,Looks like you have some ghosting there. Try printing a few sheets off which are completely black. This should remove any residual toner after the cartridge was re-inserted. Also if your ... Read More »

How to use HP 1020 usb printer from 3 computers?

G'day,You cannot use ordinary USB hub to share your USB printer.2 ways to approach this:1. Purchase a print sharing device that will enable print sharing from USB connectors (but not ordinary USB h... Read More »

How to change Teflon paper in HP LaserJet 1020 printer?…

Hewlett Packard Deskjet Printer: I found a large clump of black ink inside printer! Plus, a few other problems?

HP's have done that for years, I'll bet you found it under the cartridge harness ? where the cartridges sit when the printer is not in use, take both cartridges out of the printer, now get a bunch ... Read More »