Is HIV present in feces?

Answer Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is spread through blood, vaginal excretions, breast milk and semen, according to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Feces are not considered bodily fluids through... Read More »

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How to Help My Dog Not Eat Feces?

If your dog has taken a liking to eating feces, rest assured you are not alone. This stool-eating habit is actually known by the name of ''coprophagia'' and is quite common in canines. Whether your... Read More »

What happens if you eat feces?

As long as you don't have a disease of the bowels you should be consume feces everyday, sometimes human, without knowing it. If it gets under your nails even without seeing it, it may be... Read More »

Why do babies eat feces?

If it was a professional abortion then yes. If this was performed by an unlicensed physician, serious damage could have been done, making later pregnancies difficult.

Mucus in a Dog's Feces?

Mucus in a dog's feces (stool) usually indicates a more serious condition. Dogs should be able to eat a fairly diverse diet without incurring digestive or urinary tract problems. When mucus is dete... Read More »