Is HD tuner really worth?

Answer Oh my Gosh! HD is SOOOO Worth it. You just can't believe it til you see it for yurself! I have a 37" flat screen LCD and it's awsome. I bet it'd be even better on a 42"er.

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Will a digital converter box act like a tuner for non-tuner DVD players?

A digital-to-analog converter box can act as a tuner with non-tuner DVD players. However, you will want to make certain that the outputs of the digital converter box are compatible with your DVD’... Read More »

Does a Direct TV DVR R10 have a digital tuner or an analog tuner?

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What is a USB TV tuner?

USB TV tuners connect to your computer through a USB port and allow you to watch or digitally record television programs, according to PC World. As long as your PC uses USB 2.0 or later you should ... Read More »