Is Graves'disease caused by a virus?

Answer On One Hand: Virus Is Not the CauseA virus has not been associated with Graves' disease. Scientists believe factors such as age, sex and heredity affect the likelihood of developing the condition.... Read More »

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What are three human diseases caused by a virus?

Diseases Caused by Virus To HumanDiseaseCausal AgentOrgans AffectedTransmission / VectorInfluenzaRNARespiratory TractDropletsAdenovirus InfectionsDNALungs, EyesDroplets, Contact DropletsRespiratory... Read More »

Could fatal error c0000034 be caused by a virus?

yes it was a virus. To fix this you can install a good up to date antivirus or reformat your computer or better consult a technician.

How to Delete Administrator Rights Caused by a Virus?

Viruses can manipulate any number of functions within the operating system, including giving administrative rights to previously unauthorized accounts. Utilize the User Accounts feature to remove t... Read More »

What can be done for a painful blister on the side of the tongue that was caused by a virus?

AnswerRinse your mouth out several times a day with warm salt water. Swish around in your mouth holding it as long as you can. Don't swallow.