Is Grass Vascular or Nonvascular?

Answer Looking at a lawn or meadow, grass appears to be a simple plant. However, if you look at a blade of grass more closely, you'll see parallel lines. Slicing the blade horizontally and examining it wi... Read More »

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Are Ferns Vascular or Nonvascular?

Ferns are some of the most primitive vascular plants on Earth. Fossils of ferns have been discovered dating back to the Devonian Period about 417 to 354 million years ago. They also are one of the ... Read More »

Are poppy flowers vascular or nonvascular?

Vascular plants are those with roots, stems and leaves that transport water and nutrients. Both annual and perennial poppy flowers (Papaverae) qualify as vascular plants. Simpler, non-vascular plan... Read More »

Kinds of Vascular & Non-Vascular Plants?

Based on the classification system for all living things, as first developed by Carolus Linnaeus, all plants fall into the kingdom Plantae. This kingdom is divided into 10 smaller groups, known as ... Read More »

Differences Between Vascular & Non-Vascular Plants?

The world is filled with visible vascular plants. Vascular plants produce fruit and flowers and grow to tremendous heights. They are trees, bushes, and vegetables. Nonvascular plants are small and ... Read More »