Is Google really as good as every one says?

Answer Ditto the vote for dogpile as it combines "all of the above" but, if you're just going to choose between Google and Yahoo! then choose sort of on the premise that the Google crawler favors the *con... Read More »

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If a loud man on TV says I need to buy something in the next 3 minutes, is that a sign of a really good deal?

No!And it is ridiculous to believe those ads where someone says you will get a beter price if you call in the next ? number of minutes.Only perdson in "traffic" at radio/TV station knows when that ... Read More »

Is it really good to drink milk every night to avoid "ulcer" from hurting?

Ulcers are caused by parasites in the intestines or stomach, much like H. Pylori. H. Pylori is a parasite that prevents one from getting better. Can't get over a cold, etc. It's destroyed by medica... Read More »

What if you sleep with a toothpaste mask on every night, would that get your skin clear really good?

NO toothpaste will just dry your face it has no zit fighting ingredients! Just get some proactiv.

If you Google the word "Google", does it really break the Internet?

A flurry of people googling nothing happened.Are you from the IT crowd you have almost paraphrased the same line from it?