Is Google A Real Number?

Answer Well it's actually pronounced googol, just google made a typo when making the website, but decided to keep the name.I'm pretty sure it goes:googol (100 zeros)googolplex (10^googol)infinity, however... Read More »

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Google adsense, ill need to give loads of personal info including social secturity number or feral id number?

You can't. And you would be guilty of fraud and tax evasion. Considering tax evasion is what got Al Capone, you really do not want to do that.

Can you view in real time on Google Earth 2009?

Google Earth images are not presented in real-time; the satellite information must be collected and processed before the images can be presented on Google Earth. However, some Earth layers are clos... Read More »

How to Get Real Player to Work With Google Chrome?

RealPlayer is a computer program that plays various formats of computer media, including both audio and video. Published by RealNetworks, RealPlayer has both a stand-alone version and a Web plug-in... Read More »

Is this free internet service by Google for real?

It's one of many of Google's April jokes :-)Read more about them below, I must say they have some pretty good ones :-D