Is Goldilocks a rude little housebreaking so-and-so?

Answer Yes, but bear in mind the time in which the story was written. It was perfectly acceptable to invite yourself in to someone's house in that era.Preface the story with "Once upon a time... about 50 ... Read More »

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How to Draw Goldilocks?

Let’s learn how to draw Goldilocks. She is one sweet girl with blond hair. Enjoy!

Do you live in the Goldilocks Zone?

That would definitely be in the Salinas Valley in California. Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear all agree. lol

Kindergarten Activities for Goldilocks & the Three Bears?

Although kindergarten children have rarely sampled porridge, most can quickly tell a teacher who ate porridge that belonged to three bears. "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" is a familiar tale with ... Read More »

Housebreaking a Chorkie?

Upon getting a new dog, one of the first thing many dog owners do is try to housebreak it. For those who own "Chorkies"---chihuahua/Yorkshire terrier mixes---this is more imperative because of the ... Read More »