Is Ginkgo Biloba Good as a Memory enhancer?

Answer Yes it will help but keep in a cool place because heat kills it's effectiveness. Also adding DHA helps. I had arthritis and back injuries so I added krill oil and OMG! IT'S A MIRACLE CURE! take the... Read More »

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I have a serious question about , " Ginkgo Biloba" and tell me is this fake?

*** g03 12/22 p. 14 Herbal Remedies—Can They Help You? ***many believe that for an herb to be effective, sufficient amounts must be consumed and in the proper form. At times, the only way to do s... Read More »

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Extract Work in a Cosmeceutical?

The rear coil over the struts, found on the 1994 Ford Escort, help dampen imperfections in the roadway, providing the driver and passengers with a smooth ride. Over time, the gas inside the strut s... Read More »

Has anyone experienced any noticeable benefits from taking Ginkgo Biloba?

not me although my friend has and sh said they are great takes about 2 to 3 weeks to kick in???as you know herbs will not harm you or if taking any other meds?but thought you would want to check ?

Does Ginkgo Biloba Antibacterial Soap Remove Body Odor?

Washing with an antibacterial soap can eliminate body odor. However, this is due to the soap's antibacterial ingredients, not to the ginkgo biloba it contains. Does this Spark an idea?