Is Ge agood brand for digital cams?

Answer GE has whole divisions devoted to imaging (medical imaging, copiers, etc.). GE also owns lots of other companies. Buying a camera from them should be alright, I would expect it to be a good quality.

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Can anyone help me to chose between these two compact digital Cams!!?

The SX240HS. I have the 230(it's predecessor)and love it.

Whats a decent digital camera to buy to take excellent photos at a concert (NO Pro cams allowed)?

Hi there,Good question. I think apart from the camera, you need to develop a little more technique at taking concert photographs (which will of-course come from experimentation and practice). I gen... Read More »

Digital cameras brand or not?

Stay with Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic.

Is it agood time to buy in Spain?

It is a good time to buy now as prices are depressingly low. Offers at well below valuation are being accepted. Remember the taxes in addition to purchase price