Is Gatorade bad for the kidneys?

Answer On One Hand: Gatorade Has A High Amount Of SodiumWhen you work out intensely for several hours and you sweat profusely, your body losses sodium. In such a case, drinking Gatorade is good for you, s... Read More »

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For colonoscopy prep I was told you drink miralax and Gatorade for electrolytes, alternatives to Gatorade?

Pedialyte for kids (at most drug stores) comes in freezie form or juice that tastes good and is jammed packed with electrolytes... I'd try that before coconut since u want as much electrolytes as p... Read More »

How can i clean my kidneys?

What do you think is wrong with them? They are wonderfully designed to clean your blood. Just drink a lot of water. Cranberry juice is said to be good for them.If you have an infection, go to the d... Read More »

Is Tylenol bad for the kidneys?

On One Hand: Overuse Can Cause Kidney DamageTylenol contains the active ingredient acetaminophen, which the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) says is safe for people with healthy kidneys when taken ... Read More »

The Effect of Statins on the Kidneys?

Statins are a class of medications designed to lower harmful blood cholesterol by blocking cholesterol production. Depending on several factors, statins can have a positive or negative effect on ki... Read More »