Is Galactosemia inherited?

Answer Yes it is an autosomal recessive disease.

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What is the Difference Between Inherited and Non-Inherited Traits?

Traits are physical characteristics that can be displayed by animals (including human beings) and some plants. Inherited traits are passed down genetically from one generation to the next, while no... Read More »

What does Galactosemia do?

Galactosemia is an enzyme deficiency that can severely affect newborns. Classic Galactosemia is a rare genetic metabolic disorder. The child with classic galactosemia inherits a gene for galactose... Read More »

What is the prognosis of galactosemia?

A baby with herpes can spread herpes through a bottle.

What is the generic term for galactosemia?

The croup is not a permanent illness. Sometimes, however, children may get repeated episodes of the croup before they come down with a cold. Children do outgrow the croup, although sometimes they g... Read More »