Is Free Sat worth having?

Answer It was the same when I moved into my house. What I did was to buy a satellite TV card for my computer, then I put a new plug on the cable from the dish and plugged it straight into my new card.I b... Read More »

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Is it worth going from avg free to avg internet security ?

No...AVG isn't even worth having.See this youtube channel for anti-virus testing.…Watch the AVG 2012 test, Avast 2012, and so on for the free AV tests. AV... Read More »

Does Dallas-Fort Worth airport have free Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi at Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport costs $6 per hour, $9.99 per day or $39.99 per month, as of 2011, through T-Mobile. Access through Boingo, which covers the entire terminal, is... Read More »

I'm using AVG scanner free edition is it worth using if you watch to much porn.?

AVG isn't as good as it use to be it's better to use Microsoft Security Essentials, but as long as you'r caution you shouldn't have any problems with viruses.

Go Pro vs. Contour; which hands free camera is worth purchasing?

The contour uses microSD cards, generally a bit more expensive than the standard.The goPro H2 has more recording options, including up to 120fps for slow-motion. You can also change the field of vi... Read More »