Is Free Sat worth having?

Answer It was the same when I moved into my house. What I did was to buy a satellite TV card for my computer, then I put a new plug on the cable from the dish and plugged it straight into my new card.I b... Read More »

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Blu-ray. Is it worth having?

Every single other answer here is either mis-informed or personally charged. I work in an electrical retail store where vision products are the keystone so I know, at the very least, the basics of... Read More »

Are GM Shares Worth Having?

On One Hand: GM Could ReboundAfter a long string of poor business decisions, General Motors Corp. saw its stock price sink significantly. Since receiving a government bailout, though, the company h... Read More »

Is facebook worth having?

I think facebook is stupid and overratted. If you want to talk to someone, call them or see them in person. Facebook is an unneeded thing.

Is vista worth having or should i downgrade to XP?

McAfee is crud. You very well could have a virus.1. Remove McAfee and get Avast! 4 Home2. Disable Windows Firewall and get ZoneAlarm Free.3. If you still have issues, I would recommend getting XP. ... Read More »