Is Flagyl good to treat the cold& flu virus?

Answer On One Hand: Flagyl Is Not an Antiviral DrugFlagyl does not work against viruses. An antibiotic, Flagyl works against infections caused by protozoa, some parasites, and obligate anaerobes (bacteria... Read More »

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Anyone know a free really good anti-virus scan that will also help remove the virus?

you should try malwarebytes and look for a serial on youtube this is a really good anti virus

If you have 'the virus' how do you treat it?

You go call a computer expert and ask him to fix it. In the mean time don't do anything with your computer It might damage it more.

How to Treat a Cat With a Cold?

Is your cat sick with the cold? Well read this article to treat your cat as best you can and hopefully it will get better in a day.

How to Treat a Cold?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the common cold. Most colds will go away in 3-7 days, although some will last longer. Treatment of a cold is limited to symptomatic support, which can be effecti... Read More »