Is Fire Fox better than Internet Explorer 6 and 7?

Answer No it is not because most sites are compatible with Internet Explorer and it is easier to use. Internet Explorer has been the best so far.

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What is better Mozilla Fire fox or Internet explorer?

Which Browser is better Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Or Internet explorer 9 (Beta)?

I would say Internet explorer.Google Chrome is comparatively faster than IE and firefox but it has compatibility problems.Firefox uses a lot of memory.It takes lot of time to open Firefox browser.I... Read More »

Could you tell me the difference between Internet explorer & fire fox which is a better browser ?

Which of the two popular browsers is better depends on the platform you are working on. Assuming its Windows:IE advantages1. Starts much faster2. Has a smaller memory footprint3. Additional tabs do... Read More »

Is chrome google better than internet explorer v 8?

Google Chrome is way better than Internet Explorer although many people use Internet Explorer because it helps speeds up the loading websites and organizes bookmarks and tabs.