Is Fifth Disease harmful to pregnant moms?

Answer Not unless there is significant scarring in the uterus. A low lying placenta is often found during the second trimester - as the uterus expands in the third trimester, the placenta will migrate hig... Read More »

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Is Peyronie's disease harmful to a woman's vagina?

Peyronie's disease causes an abnormal curvature in an erect penis. The disorder may cause discomfort or even extreme pain during sexual intercourse, according to the Women's Therapy Center. But the... Read More »

Can I develop heart disease or any potentially harmful problem because I am too emotional and sensitive?

Well who better to answer this question, yes it can, stress can also cause strokes. When your stressed, your heart pumps faster and your adrenaline pumps chemicals into the brain which the brain ca... Read More »

Moms who have been pregnant more then once?

With my daughter (who's now 4) - I had the most PERFECT pregnancy! I gained 10lbs, and lost 20lbs when I had her, No health problems, everything was great. she was born at exactly 38 weeks, weigh... Read More »

For moms that have been pregnant 3 times or more?

Three pregnancies and all were very nearly the same. They went very well and I am happy to say between the three of them, 8 hours of labor total.