Is Facebook really that good and why are people so obsessed with it?

Answer Yes I deleted and deactivated my account about 6 months ago! I've found since I've stopped using it I spend more time communicating with my friends in a far more healthy way i.e. in private over th... Read More »

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Since America's obsessed with weight,why is it that people still make poor choices with what they eat?

eating healthy takes an active conscious effort and it seems that the majority of the people here in the US are inherently lazy by nature. everyone is always looking for the "easy" way and the "q... Read More »

What is a really good proxy that i can use to get onto facebook?

Go ahead - use a proxy - then your myspace etc account will be hacked, so you can whine on here that your myspace etc account has been hacked instead.If you do use a proxy like a lot of people post... Read More »

Why are people still obsessed with Michael Jackson Hello people, he is dead, it's time to move on?

I think it's the same reason people are still obsessed with Jesus. Some of us move on earlier than others.Damn that was a good answer on my part... Haha just gonna put that out there.Thanks Derek. ... Read More »

Is there really a secret software that can make you find out which people are checking your facebook profile?