Is Facebook really going to charge $14.99/month starting July 9?

Answer No. It's the same type of rumor that's been floating around since the beginning of free services. Messengers typically were the first favorites, but now sites like Myspace and Facebook have become ... Read More »

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Is facebook really charging you as of July 2010?

No, it's spam, simply set up to get a lot of people to join. Facebook has no need to charge its users, it makes plenty of money from advertising.If this was true you can be sure to hear about it by... Read More »

I am starting a facebook and twitterr for my business. I need lots of local followers!?

first u make fb then add friend from your phone contact by inputting phone number, from e-mail address ,add your all e-mail address, and dont forget to add specific location that u want, and send f... Read More »

Hello...I am 37 weeks today and have been on magnesium since july 2nd. I was in the hospital on 2,3,4 of july?

If you stop taking the magnesium you will probably go into labor. If thats what you want to do, then stop them. Your baby will be okay if delivered now. I don't understand why he would induce you o... Read More »

Does tmobile charge you for facebook sms?