Is Facebook really crap?

Answer Facebook is not "crap" at all. Plus it's much more confidential than Myspace and people lie less since it's within your own group of friends. You can set things to privacy, set it up so that only t... Read More »

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Does any1 agree that the new facebook is crap!!!?

Yes and I also believe in miracles... so where ya from? - you sexy thing, you sexy thing you.

How do u get ur chicken to look good but really taste like crap?

By making sure it's not chicken at least not a natural organic one, and then fry it and then constantly deep fry it, till it looks crispy and stuff put some salt and pepper on so it smells good, th... Read More »

Why is Facebook inundated by impersonal trite crap instead of real personal stuff?

Because of of their "Friends" aren't really friends; they're virtual strangers. No one wants (or no one SHOULD want) strangers reading about their life. Posting too much gets people in trouble. ... Read More »

Is facebook really worth it?

its so you can find out what your friends are doing, your can messgae them, play games with them, or even your (crush) its worth it to spare time but if your just going to be using it to spy on peo... Read More »