Is Facebook like being in high school?

Answer For me, facebook is EXACTLY like being back in high school. - Nobody offers to be my friend.- Everyone ignores my offers of friendship.- Have to create imaginary profiles just to have friends.I kn... Read More »

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Was I being a jerk for posting this message to my old high school buddies from the past on Facebook?

Nope, to me it sounds like you want to get back in contact with them.

Do you like being on Facebook?

No way.I'm not sure if that many people realize the disadvantages of revealing so much personal information via such portals.Take Yahoo Answers for example, all of your posts will end up in Google ... Read More »

How to Have Fun Being an Outcast in High School?

Are you tired of being infamous? Do you just have no chance of being a popular kid? Read this article to learn how to have fun and take pride in being someone normal people wouldn't want to be.Popu... Read More »

I dont like being really high?

then stop ******* smoking weed if it doesn't react well with your body. you are just asking for mental health problems.