Is Facebook like being in high school?

Answer For me, facebook is EXACTLY like being back in high school. - Nobody offers to be my friend.- Everyone ignores my offers of friendship.- Have to create imaginary profiles just to have friends.I kn... Read More »

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One of my high school teachers requested me on facebook!?

Ummm... Facebook's not just for pulling chicks, you know!  Many teachers like to keep up with former students.  If you're not yet at a stage in your personal development where you're comfortable ... Read More »

How to Find Friends from High School on Facebook?

Miss your old friends from High School? Want to find them, chat with them, be friends on Facebook? Don't know how? Then just read on...

How to make your High School/education appear on Facebook timeline?

during the editing.....make it visible on time Line..:D

Why won't any of the popular girls from high school join my facebook group?

Do the girls like those weight loss wraps these days? I know the mommies are crazy about weight loss wraps. So become a wrap consultant and have wrap parties. You'll make money and you'll see al... Read More »