Is Facebook down any place besides MD?

Answer Sometimes the site goes through Maintenance .. And the servers are down ..After few hours it will be alright.

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Hairstyles (with hair down) besides straightening and curling?

Well I hope you are ready for this because I have a lot, Now I am not a Hair Stylist or a Barber or an expert in that sense, But I am here to help by at least pointing you in the right direction t... Read More »

What is there to do on the computer besides facebook?

Best thing you can do is at www.digg.comIts a great place to read the newest news and If you read and post comments on the articles, you will be entertained.

Poll: Besides the grocery store, where's your favorite place to get ice cream?

DQ and Baskin Robbins! DQ's Blizzard with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins and Baskin Robbin's Premium Sundae's with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins!

What other sites are there besides Facebook and Myspace?