Is Facebook can be used for something important?

Answer yes fb can be used for something important. as example u dont come to school for some reason and u can contact ur friend through it and ask him about homework,lol.u can also spread quran verse and ... Read More »

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What day and time is the best to announce something important on Facebook?

That depends do the majority of your friends work or are more night people? I always say 6-7PM everyone should be home from work, and just relaxing.

How to Remember Something Important?

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How to Do Something Important With Your Time?

Have you ever felt like you have been wasting time? Have you ever had the feeling of regret, thinking you have just used upo a day doing pracxticly nothing? I used to feel like this all of the time... Read More »

How to Pass the Time Before Something Important?

Ever have that last couple of hours before a big date or party with seemingly nothing to do? When the minutes feel like hours and every moment spent glancing at the clock is like an eternity? Follo... Read More »