Is Facebook better or Myspace?

Answer It depends on what you like. Myspace is more personalized. You can change the appearance of your own page to make it suit your personality. Facebook doesn't have as many bells and whistles that Mys... Read More »

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Is facebook or myspace better?

It all depends upon what you're looking for:Both let you play games, post statuses, write notes or blogs, post photos, comment, join groups and networks, etc, etc.Some people feel Facebook is more ... Read More »

Whats better, facebook or myspace?

Tbh ive found its an age thing, like you start off on myspace then after a year or so, you move onto something more professional and no more tacky layouts. Facebook started later but the staff behi... Read More »

Do u like facebook or myspace better?

agreed!facebook is so you cant do ANYTHING, comment anyone, picture comment, update, whatever with out it showing up on every single persons hoempage. its just annoying. people c... Read More »

Which is better "Facebook" or "Myspace" ?

Privacy...honestly Myspace. Everyone thinks its unsafe. But in facebook you have ur full name, school, work, and age! In myspace all u have is a picture!Myspace is more fun because you can create u... Read More »