Is Facebook a modern day popularity contest?

Answer I'm very particular. Same thing as you- just because you called me a ***** once while I walked down a hallway in jr. highschool does not mean we are friends :) The people on my FB, are old friends,... Read More »

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Is Facebook just a popularity contest?

I have facebook, I wouldn't really define it as a popularity contest. I have over hundred friends but that because of extra curricular activities, school, and moving around. I slowly gained friends... Read More »

Is Facebook a popularity contest?

Facebook was meant to be a place to update statuses (but stupid "lms if you like pie or think I'm pretty" or stupid sappy complaints. It was meant to keep in touch with a lot of friends easily, pos... Read More »


Popularity contest!!!!!!- lets have some fun?

Chinese food lol..Nope ive never seen you!EDIT:Oh..19 now..yay! lolEDIT: me? aha